What You Need to Know: News in a Minute

Heres the news for your day. You are now informed on the current national tragedy in Tuscon, gas, the Mona Lisa, and some random Facebook garbage. Follow the links for more in depth, but you should be able to get through the small talk with just this.

Representative Gabrielle Gifford is NOT DEAD. The most notable victim of the recent Tuscon shootings who was reported as dead by various news services, such as NPR, was still in surgery. Thats all we know right now. For more:


Gas prices up average 9 cents per gallon, in three weeks A twice monthly survey revealed the average price of gasoline has risen rapidly in three weeks. The average nationwide is $3.08. Feels like deja vu. More:


Mona Lisa Location Is Discovered It’s believed the location of the famous Mona Lisa portrait was in the village of Bobbio in Northern Italy. Clues were revealed in some cleverly disguised numbers in the bridge in the background. More:


Top Question on Facebook: Is Sarah Palin to Blame for Tuscon Tragedy? Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, revealed this disturbingly ignorant news to an ABC reporter. More:


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