News of the Day

Mexican parents of a boy shot on the border are suing the United States, a German tanker full of sulfuric acid capsized on a river and Apple’s CEO takes a health leave. Thats the news of the day. 




Parents of a Mexican boy- who was throwing rocks across the border at Border Patrol Agents and was then shot and killed- have decided to sue the United States. Sergio Hernandez Guereca, 15, was shot after apparently pelting the agents from the Mexican side of the border. The FBI had accused him of being an immigrant smuggler. There have been demonstrations in Juarez showing protest of the shooting. His parents claim the agents had no right to shoot him and the shooting was completely unjust. It’s the wild west out there….

Tanker carrying sulfuric acid capsized on the German part of the River Rhine. The vessel is believed to be intact, but there is still about 2,400 metric tons of the acid on the ship. Two crewmen are missing. The river, a major transportation artery for the area, has been closed. Watch the video.

Steve Jobs takes medical leave. The CEO of tech giants Apple has been granted a second medical leave in two years by the board of directors of Apple. He expects to still be involved in major strategic decisions, but the position of CEO will be filled by Tim Cook. Read the full story.




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