Sorry for the Lapses. News for Jan 31

A mosque almost got bombed in Detroit, Americans are stranded in Egypt, and the horror film ‘The Rite’ won the weekend’s box office. It’s good to be back and making you informed.

Man arrested outside largest mosque in America with a van full of explosives. Roger Stockham was arrested outside the mosque in Dearborn, Michigan with a load of illegal explosives. It appears he has a history of anti-government antics, but he has never tried something like this before. Dearborn is the center of the Detroit area’s Arab population, and Detroit’s is one of the biggest in the country. This does not belong in America.

It’s a scary time to be an American in Egypt. There is quite a bit of unrest in the country, and there are thousands of American travelers without internet or other communication forms. May have taken refuge in the airport in Cairo. Charter flights are going to begin ferrying travelers out of the destabilizing country.

Horror film ‘The Rite’ wins weekend box office. Warner Brothers earned about $15 million off of the film’s first weekend in theaters. The majority of viewers were over 25. ‘True Grit’ brought its total up to $138 million. Looks like the Dude is doing pretty good.

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