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Tunisians stick it to the man and overthrow their government, Representative Giffords is thankfully breathing on her own and a fugitive who lived for 30 years without being caught, was finally arrested. It’s just another day in this crazy world.


Tunisians overthrows iron-fisted government. Tunisians overthrew their president which has ruled for a very long time. There is now sentiment across the middle east that it could happen in more than one of the Arabic countries ruled by monarchs and dictatorships. It’s a whole different world than the United States.

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords can now breathe on her own. The intended target of the shootings in Tuscon had her breathing tube removed. She is still in critical condition after the shooting that took six lives in Arizona. Authorities have arrested a man, Jared Loughner, in connection with the shootings. Although she is still in critical condition, this is good news.

Man evades police for 30 years after escaping from jail. Ian Jackson Macdonald was arrested in Florida, but apparently he owned an appliance store in West Virginia while living in Pennsylvania (they border each other). While in Federal Prison he faked a heart attack and escaped from the hospital. He and his wife proceeded to change their names and move to Pennsylvania. He was being held to be extradited to Canada on charges of smuggling Marijuana. Wild story.






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Today’s News

There is turmoil in Tunisia. The  president Ben Ali has just fled the country with his family to safety in Saudi Arabia after constant rallies and civil unrest have given him reason to fear for his life.  The prime minister Mohammed Ghannouchi has taken over the position as interim president amidst the economic crisis.  Meanwhile corruption, unemployment, food shortages, and riots have ravaged the country.

The NFL draft is quickly approaching and the two stars of the championship winning team Auburn Cam Newton and Nick Fairly have entered.  Earlier this week the Heisman winning Newton and Fairly showed strongly in the national title.  Other key prospects include Clemson’s Da’Quan Bowers, Georgia’s A.J.Green, and Alabama’s Marcell Dareus.

Tension is eased as Obama recently eased travel restrictions between the U.S. and the Cuba. Religious groups and academic groups will be able to sponser travel groups to the formerly locked up country.  The new policy should increase our interaction with the people and hopefully plant ideas of freedom from the Cuban govornment.  More American “promotion of freedom” is just what our foreign policy needs…..

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News of the Day

Tom Brady is an asshole, an Australian boy sacrificed his life for his younger brother and its looks like many more people will be losing their homes in the financial depression. Not as good as yesterday, but when is it ever?


Tom Brady is an asshole. True? Maybe. May or may not be totally newsworthy other than the fact that there is nothing like watching the circus thats been going on before the rivalry playoff game between the Pats and the Jets. In the latest development, Jets player Anthony Cromartie called Patriots quarterback an “assohole.” Sports just aren’t fun with sportsmanship…

Young Australian boy drowns after asking rescuers to save his little brother. This sacrifice is amazing, its a moving story coming out of the flooding in Australia. The boy, Jordan Rice, insisted rescuers save his younger brother and by the time the rescuers got back to him, it was too late.

Over 1 million Americas predicted to lose homes. Its looking bleak for many Americans as many of the big dogs in the market have stated around 1.2 million homeowners will lose their homes.

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