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News of the Day

Tom Brady is an asshole, an Australian boy sacrificed his life for his younger brother and its looks like many more people will be losing their homes in the financial depression. Not as good as yesterday, but when is it ever?


Tom Brady is an asshole. True? Maybe. May or may not be totally newsworthy other than the fact that there is nothing like watching the circus thats been going on before the rivalry playoff game between the Pats and the Jets. In the latest development, Jets player Anthony Cromartie called Patriots quarterback an “assohole.” Sports just aren’t fun with sportsmanship…

Young Australian boy drowns after asking rescuers to save his little brother. This sacrifice is amazing, its a moving story coming out of the flooding in Australia. The boy, Jordan Rice, insisted rescuers save his younger brother and by the time the rescuers got back to him, it was too late.

Over 1 million Americas predicted to lose homes. Its looking bleak for many Americans as many of the big dogs in the market have stated around 1.2 million homeowners will lose their homes.


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Important News, Today

North Korea becoming direct threat? Apparently they haven’t been. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has released a statement in which he said he believes the co-inhabitants of the Korean Peninsula could develop and inter-continental ballistic missile within 5 years. In other news, the Pentagon is being moved to an underground chamber in an undisclosed location somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. Not really. More:

Verizon picks up iPhone. Its going to cost to change, though. The cost of getting out of your AT&T contract is pretty variable, but check this out, it will calculate the cost for you:

Phoenix Jones: Seattle’s real life “superhero.” It looks as if the movie Kickass inspired some vigilante citizens to dress up in costumes and fight crime. They could join the police, but those costumes just aren’t that cool. More:

Auburn wins college football national championship. Cam Newton and company beat the boys from Hippyville, Oregon. It was a decent game. And now all eyes shift to the NFL.

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